Thursday 13 Sep, 2012

Going Green for Earth Day 2013

Are you looking for a way to make a difference in the world? Come celebrate Earth Day 2013 in Costa Rica with EF Educational Tours! EF’s Green Tours give you the opportunity to learn about Costa Rica’s environmental initiatives and how you can put these ideas into practice back home.

Costa Rica is setting a great example by striving to reach zero-net carbon emissions by 2021. To meet this goal, a number of initiatives have been implemented, including identifying more than 30% of the country as national park land, planting more than 7 million trees annually, and pioneering eco-tourism. On an EF Green Tour, you will get to study these initiatives while travelling around the country and exploring Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystems.

One of the highlights of EF’s Green Tours is a two-day environmental conference in San José, where you’ll get to hear from experts speaking about important environmental issues. The speakers for this conference include Severn Suzuki, a board member of the David Suzuki foundation; Oscar Arias, the two-time president of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize recipient; and Al Gore, the 45th Vice President of the United States and bestselling author on environmental sustainability.

The itineraries for EF’s Green Tours were developed in collaboration with Evergreen, an environmental organization in Canada that works to connect schools and communities with nature. There are five different tours to choose from, all of which kick off with the Earth Day Environmental Conference for Youth. Depending on the tour you choose, here are a few examples of activities you’ll get the participate in:

-take part in a reforestation project

-witness the diversity of the rainforest – you’ll see monkeys, iguanas, tropical birds, and more

-visit INBioparque, a theme park and research station

-meet community members at the Maleku Indigenous Reserve and see the benefits of the Light up the World project

-participate in experiments at Earth University

-zipline along the canopy

-cross into Nicaragua

For groups looking to spend less time out of the classroom, EF’s new tour, Experiences in Eco-Leadership, is a great option. The tour is a little shorter, and you still get to attend the two-day conference and experience the beauty of Costa Rica.

All of the Green Tours include engaging, hands-on workshops in which you’ll learn about global environmental issues and explore the implications of our actions on the environment. You will learn about the indigenous perspective on sustainability and get to compare Canada’s sustainability initiatives with those currently implemented in Costa Rica. These tours are also a great opportunity to practice speaking Spanish and experience Central American Latin culture.

After your tour, you will be able to share the information and experience you gained with other students and teachers back home. EF’s Green Tours are designed to help you identify, analyse and effectively communicate with others about global environmental issues. You will have the knowledge you need to become a responsible global citizen and take action in your community. So move your classroom to Costa Rica for Earth Day 2013 and help make a difference in the world!