Tuesday 18 Sep, 2012

The Future of Travel?

In 1899, various French artists began creating pictures that depicted what France might look like in the year 2000. Originally, they were printed on paper cards that were enclosed in cigar and cigarette boxes, but they were later used as postcards. The first set of cards were produced for the Exposition Universelle of 1900, a world’s fair that took place in Paris.

If the predictions of these French artists had been realized, this is what taking an educational tour might look like today:

Instead of having books electronically transferred to your brain, you could spend a week travelling the world.

After arriving at your destination, you would take an air cab to your hotel…

Which would probably be on wheels.

You could soak up some culture by listening to the robot orchestra play.

As an optional, your group could play underwater croquet.


You would have to video phone home to tell everyone how much fun you’re having.


Your group could also tour the city on automatic roller skates…

But would have to watch out for flying police.

And after a great week abroad, you would get to take a relaxing ride home on the whale bus.


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Photos by Jean-Marc Côté & JVillemard via Wikimedia Commons and The Public Domain Review