Tuesday 2 Oct, 2012

Meet a Student Traveller: Simran K.

Get to know an EF student traveller! After winning EF’s Casting Call contest, Simran travelled to Ottawa and Québec City with us and will be featured in our upcoming travel video series. Here, she tells us a little bit about herself and answers some of our questions.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

Hey everyone, my name is Simran Kaur but everyone under the Sun just calls me Sims. I am entering my senior year of high school this fall and am completely nervous and excited at the same time. I love everything about travelling from the packing to the airport, but I hate coming home afterwards. Since I was young I have been filled with wanderlust and hope to visit all the continents of the world one day. Thanks to EF Tours, I am well on my way to completing my goal!

The first trip you took:

The first trip I ever took was to the mystical land of India at 8 years old. It was crazy! I could not believe how different it was from Toronto. The moment we landed I could hear the buzz of the busy city, I could smell fruit from vendors 10 feet away from us, and could hear drivers yelling from all directions trying to get my mother’s attention. The city was bustling with energy even at 1 am and at that moment I fell in love with India, and travelling.

Pinjore Garden! My favourite place in India

Most memorable travel story:

Most people I know cannot boast about falling off a camel, but I can!  It was my first day in Ludhiana (a city in the northern State of Punjab, India) and after becoming accustomed to the constant hustle and bustle of the city, I decided to treat myself to a ride on a ‘wild’ animal. I had a choice between a camel, horse or elephant…as you can guess I chose the camel, and midway through our trip I took a tumble. Even though it was embarrassing at the moment, I love this experience because it was my first time doing something I never thought I would ever get the opportunity to do.

He and I didn’t really get along!

One travel item you can’t live without:

I cannot travel without my camera! Honestly, can you imagine not having it with you while you climb a mountain, have a lazy day at a beautiful beach or see a magnificent building? I love photography because you can capture important memories, and can look back on all the good times you had while you were travelling.  And you can show off to your friends!

Window, aisle or middle seat?:

Window! Window! Window! My favourite part about travelling is being on the plane and seeing it take off. That’s when I finally realize that I am leaving for a new adventure, when I can see all the cars become tiny little dots or when I can see half of Lake Ontario with one look. Also, it is the best sight to wake up to if you take a small nap.

Your ideal travelling companion (real or fictional):

I had to think about this one but I chose Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Today, his invention is widely used throughout the world and many of us cannot imagine communicating without access to phones. However, he also invented the first plane to fly to a direct destination, and this is basically what I depend on to fly. I would just love to ask him about flying and planes and his life. After him would be the beautiful Wright Bros!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?:

India here I come! Every few miles the culture completely changes and you are immersed in a wholly new culture shock. If I get up and go 5 hours in any direction from my city, then the language, religion, food and lifestyle completely change.

 Indian McDonald’s! Even this tasted completely different from what I am used to.
P.S. Aloo in Hindi is “potato,” so a McAloo Tikki is basically a hash brown burger.  

Your best travel tip:

Have fun! Many people tend to get wound up about going ‘there’ and making sure not to miss ‘that show’, that they forget they are on vacation. If you are travelling during the summer months or winter holidays, the lines will be longer than usual and instead of getting impatient, enjoy the moment.

Also, pack versatile outfits because you do not want to overpack and have to lug your suitcase around airports or stairs or through busy cities. So instead, pack a shirt that will pair nicely with your shorts and skirt rather than just your shorts.

Why is travel important to you?:

Travelling is how you see more of the world around you, and get the opportunity to experience adventures that you may not get the chance to do at home. It’s how you become more united with the world. So go out there and fall off that camel!