Wednesday 17 Oct, 2012

The New EF Price Guarantee

EF Tours Canada has just announced that they are introducing a new EF Price Guarantee! This means that once travellers pay the $99 deposit fee, the price of their tour is locked in and won’t change at all. This is a really exciting offer – read the full story here! 

The EF Price Guarantee is changing everything.

Across the travel industry, tour prices rise from month to month. We couldn’t change that fact so we’ve decided to change the way we put our prices together.

In an industry first, The EF Price Guarantee combines all program and departure fees into one Program Price, starting with 2014 tours. By paying a $99 deposit, a student will lock in that Program Price all the way up until their departure date.

Here’s how it works:

  • Teachers will work with a dedicated Tour Consultant to select a tour
  • When students enrol on a tour, their program price is set for good
  • Prices may fluctuate from month to month, that’s why it’s important for students to lock in their own tour price
  • There are no hidden fees and no additional costs so you always know what your  payment will be

We’re able to offer something no other educational travel company in Canada can—unmatched global presence combined with over 45 years of experience—which means we’re able to deliver the best prices in the industry.

We listened to our customers: with no departure fee changes and one program price, we’re more than excited to show you why travelling with EF is not only inspiring—it’s also the best tour for the best value.

Book your 2014 tour before Nov. 30, 2012 to take advantage of this limited-time offer. For more information, contact a Tour Consultant at 1-800-387-1460.