Thursday 18 Apr, 2013

Me to We – India

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel to India?

Check out the Winners of the EF Me to We tour to India this summer and find out how their lives will be impacted by this life changing journey.

Tour Info


1.  Megan Mcglynn

We Day: Calgary, Alberta
Home town: Pincher Creek Alberta ( small town farming and ranching community)
Grade: 9
School: Matthew Halton

Hobbies and other information: I live on a farm/ ranch with about 800 cows we calf out about 360 of them every spring. I enjoy playing school sports such as basketball, volleyball, and skiing. I also ride my horse a lot. Her name is breezy and we show both English and western as well as jump. I also help move cows a lot at home and am always in the saddle. I am so excited and honored to be able to go to India and I cant wait till the trip. This year I have taken leadership roles in my school like joining social justice. S.A.D.D and going to the we day. These have really been fun and I plan on continuing in them. Thanks to the we day I felt really inspired to start helping others more and I hope I get the chance to go on many volunteer trips in the future!


2.    Lisa Manners 


My name is Lisa Manners and I’m in my last year of high school and so excited to graduate! I live on a small ranch in Pincher Creek, Alberta and I love to run in the coulees with my dog. I play coed soccer and I love thunderstorms, Earl Grey tea, and bonfires on late summer nights. I hate roosters, snow, and the wind, even though it blows every day here. I love learning about different languages and cultures, especially ancient ones. I like to paint, read, knit, and watch movies with my cats, and I’m a sucker for antiques. I’m proud to be Canadian and I love to volunteer and help others. Next year, I’ll be going to the University of Calgary to study business and I hope my future is full of lots of adventure and travel!




3.    Jill Beever


My name is Jill Beever. I live on a farm just outside of the small farming town of Rivers Manitoba. I’m a Grade 12 student at Rivers Collegiate, currently I am still 17 but I will be 18 on the trip. I attended the WE Day in Winnipeg back on October 30 2012.

In April 2012 I went to France with EF Tours, so I have an idea of how to prepare. My parents are giving me a big travel backpack for my birthday, and I and still looking for a small point-and-shoot camera. I am taking a few “survival needs” that will help me deal with the heat and meals such as powered Gatorade and snack bars. Apart from that I’m not worrying too much.

I know very little about India except for some of the food as well as some of the animals native to India. I plan on learning more before we go.

I am somewhat of a travel junkie. I can’t say specifically anything I am looking forward to, I just know that there will be a lot to see, a lot to learn, and a lot to experience.