Wednesday 9 Oct, 2013

Global Citizen Scholarship Tour takes students to Berlin & We Day U.K.

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The EF Global Citizen Scholarship is an annual award given to exceptional Canadian students who demonstrate leadership, a passion for other cultures and commitment to change. After a nomination process and public voting via Facebook, 10 Global Citizens were awarded an Educational Travel Experience to London and Berlin.

It all started with a question, “How are you extraordinary?” The responses from Canadian youth was incredible and demonstrated the hard work and dedication these young leaders have invested in their communities and their own futures.

We were pleased to offer these students an opportunity to travel in 2014 to We Day U.K. in London and also on our Experiential Tour to Berlin for EF’s Science and Innovation Summit.

Each student was asked what motivated them to apply for the scholarship and here are their answers:

Allison Kondal:

Allison’s Video.

I’ve always been torn between a nostalgia for what I know and a longing to discover that which I don’t. The Global Citizen Scholarship is the perfect composite of both – it is undoubtedly the chance to experience amazing events and cultures, and visit new places, but also an extraordinary program that promises to broaden my familiar passions with like-minded people. All my odd enthusiasms – most notably travelling, socializing, social justice and the sciences – are all featured and even promoted within the program; the Scholarship appeared as though it was tailored to my predilections. But above all, the Scholarship is 10 days that, through mutual inspiration of student leaders, would ultimately lead to the benefit of local, provincial, national or even international communities. It was primarily for these reasons, but in retrospect, so many more, that I applied for the Global Citizen Scholarship.



Romeo Tello:

Romeo’s Essay.

I applied for the Global Citizen Scholarship because I found it to be an amazing chance to experience different cultures, new ways of thinking, and ideas on global citizenship. The scholarship itself is unique in the fact that it takes place in the U.K. and Germany with like-minded peers striving to make a difference. EF’s Global Citizen scholarship seemed to be an extraordinary opportunity for me to be with peers with similar goals – learning about the world with a different perspective.



Chloé Guilbert-Savary:

Chloés Open Letter Essay.

Firstly, I applied because travelling with EF seemed to me the best way to experience a change of scenery and learn firsthand about London, Berlin, their respective populations and social problems, as well as practicing my second language: English. Secondly, I wished to have the opportunity to experience We Day U.K., a youthful event during which we have the chance to meet global leaders and social activists, and exchange ideas with other leaders from Canada.

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