Friday 29 Nov, 2013

EF Launches Leadership & Innovation Summit: Barcelona 2015

On Thursday, November 14, EF officially launched its Leadership & Innovation Summit taking place in Barcelona in March 2015. Following the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario (STAO) Conference, EF held an evening reception for students, parents, and educators to learn more about this exciting event. See a sample student tour to Barcelona here.

Guest speakers at the evening reception included Reni Barlow of Youth Science Canada, Annie Vandenberg of Evergreen, and Jose Manuel de Juan of the Tourism Consul Embassy of Spain. Reni Barlow spoke about some amazing inventions made by young people and how their innovative ideas were, in large part, a result of their travel experiences. Annie Vandenberg shared a little bit about some of the great work that Evergreen is involved in, and spoke to the value of outdoor and experiential education. Jose Manuel de Juan was the final guest speaker for the evening and showed us what makes Barcelona such an innovative and creative city, and why it is the ideal setting for the EF Leadership & Innovation Summit.

Rennie Barlow of Youth Science Canada, Annie Vandenburg of Evergreen, EF Director of History, Science & Event Programs Laura Palma, Jose Manuel de Juan of Tourism Consul Embassy of Spain

EF has designed five diverse itineraries that reflect the spectrum of Spain’s innovative cultures. Some highlights of the upcoming Leadership & Innovation Summit itineraries include:

  • A molecular gastronomy workshop. Groups will learn about the role that chemistry, physics, and other scientific principles have in the preparation of food.
  • A visit to an Airbus factory to learn about how these modern and efficient aircraft are made.
  • The Galileo Museum, which is home to artifacts from the 15th to 19th century, including scientific instruments.
  • The Madrid Planetarium, where you can enjoy star-gazing sessions and learn more about astronomy.
  • The City of Arts & Sciences. Located in Valencia, this unique complex is dedicated to science and culture. The complex  is comprised of five buildings that encourage visitors to explore different aspects of science, technology, nature and art.
  • The Museum of Ideas & Inventions. The aim of Museum to promote awareness and encourage visitors to think about the issues being put forward. The exhibits not only display inventions, they invite visitors to participate creatively and come up with their own ideas.

    The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Join students and educators from across the country on one of five immersive and educational tours to Barcelona in March 2015. Click here to find out more about EF’s Leadership & Innovation Summit.