Tuesday 10 Dec, 2013

Making your tour more affordable.

EF is proud to introduce the new online tour contributions app! 

When the opportunity arises to travel on an educational student tour, one of the first decisions for parents and students to work out is how to raise the funds. Through our new online contribution app we aim to make it even easier for students to enjoy the wonderful travel experiences they are dreaming of. We are committed to offering quality, life changing tours and want to ensure that a global adventure is never out of reach.  

Fundraising for your EF Educational Tour is simple. After signing up for a tour you gain access to your personal site where you can access your own contribution link.  Share the link with your family and friends, and your loved ones can assist you to raise the funds you need. You can even partner with a local business who shares your passion for travel. It’s like your own personal tour Kickstarter or crowd funding source. 

Here is the easy to use app layout:

The best new way to crowd fund a tour.

You're a step closer to your dream tour.The total amount you are raising is shown at the top of the page with a progress bar that shows how much you have left until your trip is paid in full.  All donations over $1 are accepted because we know every little bit helps you reach your goal!  Many students who didn’t believe they would ever be able to travel on a student tour to Spain or educational science tour  have been able to raise their entire tour cost to make their travel dream a reality. 

The contributions app accepts credit cards or payments by chequing account, and provides ultimate online security through Security Metrics; a trusted brand in internet encryption software. 

Your friends and family will see which tour you’re planning to take and can read about the tour highlights. They can even leave you a message wishing you good luck and bon voyage. 


Here are the detailed steps to use your app. 

1. Once your teacher/group leader has created your tour you can sign up online at the student tour enrolment page.

2. Select Get Contributions from the left-hand side drop-down navigation bar.

3. Copy the URL provided at the bottom of the page, (you can preview your contributions page here as well).

4. Share the link with your family and friends. Post it to Facebook, Twitter and all your social media platforms. The more people you share the link with, the closer you’ll get to your goal. 

5. Don’t forget to thank your supporters for making your travel dream a reality.


 Questions? Feel free to reach out with any questions about the app or how you can start fundraising for your tour today. 

By: Justin from EF