Tuesday 7 Jan, 2014

The new EF travel magazine has arrived!

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With the New Year upon us, we’ve been thinking about new ways to share our passion for educational travel—there’s a world of experience waiting with EF Educational Tours, after all.

 So we’ve come up with a great idea that’s meant to act as a whirlwind tour of sorts, taking you around the world in search of interesting places, people and history—it’s our brand new, free magazine for educators, and we sincerely hope you’ll try out a copy.

 Flipping through it, you’ll come across features on Barcelona, where EF will be hosting its 2015 Leadership and Innovation Summit. As a progressive hub of technology and culture, we look at what the Spanish city offers, from amazing feats in gastronomy to awe-inspiring architecture and art.

 Celebrating Canada’s influence abroad, we also look at the long-standing bond between our country and the Netherlands as a result of the Second World War and the sacrifices both countries made. Approaching the 70th anniversary of Liberation Day, our magazine explores Canada’s remarkable role in the War, and how its presence can be felt even today as we gear up for EF’s 2015 Liberation Day ceremonies.

 For science fans, we take a look at student tours to Hawaii and some of the truly unique biological and geological features that make up the collection of islands. If you’ve ever wondered why its beaches come in such an array of colours, or what to do if you meet a smiling spider, here’s your chance to find out!

 Elsewhere, we go on a great American road trip in search of living history and the country’s colonial past while making stops in Boston, New York and Philadelphia along the way. Add to that a mouth-watering look at maple syrup making (complete with delicious recipes!), a gorgeous photo tour of Italy, Parisian fashion finds and an exploration of China’s ever-growing role in world economics, and you have a magazine that takes you around the world!

 No matter where you go, there’s plenty to see and do along with EF Educational Tours—we truly hope that our new magazine conveys the sense of excitement and interest that our tours offer students and teachers alike. So have a read—you may just find yourself dreaming about your next trip with us!

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