Thursday 27 Mar, 2014

Global Citizens Take a Trip of a Lifetime

Every year, EF Educational Tours sets out to find 10 students from across Canada to experience an inspiring adventure as EF Global Citizens. We ask students to tell us what makes them extraordinary by submitting a creative project and explaining how they would use our Global Citizen Scholarship to realize their ambition and further fuel their passion for innovation. A panel of global education experts selects the recipients through a series of assessments and interviews, judging the student submissions based on creativity, inventiveness, and how they demonstrate global citizenship.

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London, Here We Come!

Recently, this year’s group of Global Citizen Scholars returned home from their own inspiring 10-day adventure through Europe. Beginning in London, they immersed themselves in educational travel as they explored the famous city before attending the first-ever We Day UK on March 7th. Touted as a youth empowerment event that is an initiative of international charity and educational partner of EF, Free the Children, We Day UK hosted over 12,000 students from more than 380 schools across Canada and Britain. Among the many passionate, inspiring guest speakers, students enjoyed hearing from Malala Youfsafzai, Prince Harry, Al Gore, Jennifer Hudson, Ellie Goulding and Spencer West.

The next day, our Global Citizens participated in Leadership Workshops facilitated by Me to We. Designed to enhance action-planning skills and increase social engagement, the workshops were full of fun and inspiring exercises leading up to the evening’s big activities. The Be the Change Dinner and Dance offered students and our Global Citizens the chance to socialize with peers and educators, as well as with We Day UK special guests such as co-founder of Free the Children and Me to We, Craig Kielburger, who participated in a Q&A session.

EF Educational Tours - We Day UK - Tahira & Samantha with Craig KielburgerPhoto credit: Henry Stevenson/EF Educational Tours

Taking Action, Doing Good

On March 9th, the group visited Speakers Corner in London, where they had the opportunity to exercise their right to free speech by standing in front of the crowd and speaking about an issue they are passionate about. The Global Citizens also participated in the Take Action Day alongside other Canadian students, where they engaged in social responsibility activities at various organizations across London. The Global Citizens group volunteered for Wheels for Wellbeing, a charity that supports people of all ages in South London in enjoying the benefits of cycling, regardless of any physical or mental barriers they may experience.

DSC00061Photo credit: Rick Kopfensteiner/EF Educational Tours


From London, the Global Citizens travelled to Germany where they enjoyed a few more days of experiential travel before attending EF’s Science & Innovation Summit in Berlin along with other Canadian students. The Summit opened on March 13th with a keynote speech by astronaut, physician, scientist and environmental activist Dr. Roberta Bondar at the Archenhold Observatory (Albert Einstein gave his first public speech on the Theory of Relativity there in 1915).

EF Science & Innovation SummitPhoto credit: Robert Gill/EF Educational Tours

The next day, our Global Citizens had the opportunity to explore the world of science at the German Technical Museum’s Spectrum Science Center. They took part in hands-on experiments and also participated in design thinking workshops facilitated by Evergreen, Canada’s leading environmental organization connecting schools and communities with nature.

Together, Evergreen and EF representatives acted as facilitators and helped the participating groups brainstorm solutions to social issues involving food, energy, architecture or transportation.

Gill_canada_-77-3128968819-OPhoto credit: Robert Gill/EF Educational Tours

From the electric inspiration of London’s We Day UK to the scientific wonder found in Berlin, our Global Citizens experienced a life-changing trip that helped them build on their leadership skills. Making positive change in the world was also on everyone’s minds, and they all took away the desire to create social initiatives and innovative solutions for the future.

The annual Global Citizen Scholarship program unites high school students from across Canada by breaking down barriers of culture, language and geography, while helping them develop global awareness, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To find out more about the EF Global Citizen Scholarship and how you can apply for 2015, visit