Friday 12 Sep, 2014

Make Way, Coming Through! | EF’s Top 5 Biking Cities

If you’re visiting somewhere new, why not hop on a bike to squeeze in a bit of exercise and get from point A to point B? It’s a fantastic way for you to explore, see the sites and immerse yourself in local culture. Here are our top five cities to enjoy while on two wheels.

Biking in Copenhagen

1.       Copenhagen, Denmark

There are few cities in the world that offer biking opportunities to its visitors for free(!) and in such a safe and beautiful setting. The Danish capital created the “Bycyklen Kobenhavn” in 1995 so that visitors can borrow a bike for as long as they like to explore the city (except after nightfall). Bike lanes are prominent everywhere in the city and nearly half of Copenhagen’s stylish citizens use their bike every day.

2.       Amsterdam, Netherlands


This classic cycling city is synonymous with bike culture—it’s the easiest way to get around. You’ll spot everyone and their dog on two wheels, thanks to ample bike lanes, beautiful canals and large green spaces all designed to help you cruise around town. To rent bikes and see a wide array of options including tandem bikes, visit Rent-a-bike-Damstraat.

3.       Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa biking

In the nation’s capital you can have it all, including seemingly endless paths to go two-wheeling. Second to none, the 300 kilometres of recreational pathways can efficiently get you around town to take in the national sites and the stunning parks and gardens.

Visit the city on a Sunday between late May and Labour Day for traffic-free Sunday Bikedays where you can ride through Ottawa’s River Parkway, Colonel By Drive, Rockcliffe Parkway, Gatineau Park’s Champlain and Fortune parkways. Rent bikes from the easy-to-remember RentABike Ottawa and find a great deal starting from $10 per hour.  Oh Canada, we bike on guard for thee!

Berlin4.       Berlin, Germany

If I didn’t mention Berlin, it would be a crime because this city knows how to bike! Offering rockstar bike paths and lanes in a city three times the size of Manhattan, you can tool around town without wearing out the soles of your shoes.

Innovative methods for renting a bike include the “Call-a-Bike” system where you use a cell phone to call a number provided on the bike itself for a four-digit opening code. Once you’re ready to roll, create your own bike routes from the plentiful options offered by the BBBike online route-planner.

Montreal Bixi bikes5.       Montréal, Canada

Sun and cycling rule in Montréal during the summertime! Boosting 600km of bike paths, Montreal makes it easy for novice and pro cyclist alike thanks to a public bike rental system—cutely named BIXI, and a series of new paths that lead you right into the heart of the bustling downtown core. And if you happen to be in town during the end of May, then you might be lucky enough to catch the ever-popular Go Bike Montréal Festival. Vive le vélo!

Fun Fact: You can park nearly 15 bicycles in the same space that one car takes. Reduced carbon footprint in every way!

Would you go biking in any of these cities or have you already? Let us know!  

Photo credits
Copenhagen: Claudio Olivares Medina
Amsterdam: Eole Wind
Ottawa: Robert Y.
Berlin: Leo Gonzales
Montréal: |vv@ldzen|