Wednesday 1 Oct, 2014

Who Was Your Most Inspiring Teacher?

It’s that time of year again! Our annual Teachers Matter program has officially launched, and we want to recognize inspiring teachers across Canada. One exceptional teacher will receive $5,000 for their school and a trip to Barcelona to attend EF’s Global Student Leaders Summit.

Learn more about Teachers Matter and nominate a teacher who deserves recognition today!

To really get into the Teachers Matter spirit, we asked fellow EFers to tell us about their most inspiring educator. Our staff members went to school all over the world, but they do have something in common: a life-changing teacher that they’ll never forget!

Who was your most inspiring teacher?

Susanna Dawson
Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Mrs. Rhodes was my French teacher all throughout high school and she always made language learning a blast—from playing French songs on her ukulele to bringing in a hot plate to cook the class crepes to making us learn Jean de La Fontaine poems by heart. She was the teacher who took me on my first trip to Europe—Paris! I loved it so much, I went back to Paris to study while in University and the city is still my favourite to this day. I will never forget Madame!


Aude Even
Hometown: Plaisir, France
GTI Florence - Aude Even
Mr. Anheim taught medieval history. The class itself was really cool, but he made it even cooler by always using Lord of the Rings references! In his class, we weren’t just learning for the sake of learning; he was teaching us so we would truly understand and apply what we learned to our lives. He was also really interested in what students were doing, both inside and outside of the classroom. He supported his students and their talents, no matter what they were. With Mr. Anheim, it wasn’t only about academics—he impacted your whole life.


Jessica King
Hometown: Penetanguishene, ON

Mr. Robert started out as a gym teacher and became the vice principal. He was also my volleyball coach. He was so inspiring because he really brought out a leader in each and every one of the students that he taught. He truly connected with his students and though he was strict when he needed to be, he was also a friend. We always felt like he was one of us! 


Jonathan Margono
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia but attended high school in Toronto, ON

In my senior year of high school, I had the privilege of being taught by Mr. James. He was a man who wore many hats—photographer, poet, writer, painter. The list goes on…What I admire most about Mr. James is the level of respect he showed for his students. He understood the potential we all carried inside of us, and whenever one of us got lazy, he’d call us out.  He was tough sometimes, but only to keep us honest. He retired a year after I graduated, but I’m still lucky enough to run into him from time to time. Whenever I see him, he’s always interested, always hungry for new knowledge and always full of laughter!


photo (2)Marc Trudel
Hometown: Montreal, QC

Mr. Morton, my Grade 10 English teacher. He once acted out every single character from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. It was a Dead Poets Society a-ha moment for me. He was able to take a bunch of football- and hockey-crazed boys at an all-boys school and get us excited about any topic. I will never forget that!


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