Thursday 11 Dec, 2014

Live From New York!

Explore the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps. From experiencing the bright lights of Broadway where stars such as Lea Michele and Meryl Streep got their start, to enjoying a relaxing stroll through lush Central Park, the most-visited urban park in the U.S., New York City is the place where dreams are made. Will this be the start of yours?

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NYC infographic

Explore the Big Apple on one of EF’s student tours of New York City.

New York City: The Big AppleThumbnail_REC (1)

Bursting with a vibrant energy all its own, New York City offers a truly unique insight into American life and culture—it is as busy as it is diverse!

Broadway & the Arts


Be dazzled by the bright lights of Broadway and Times Square before taking centre stage (literally!) during an improv workshop led by a professional actor.