Monday 9 Mar, 2015

Top Tips to Breeze Through The Airport


daryaairportYou’ve got your boarding pass and you’ve checked your luggage. The departure gate beckons and your flight awaits—it’s only a matter of time before your EF student tour begins!

But wait… there’s still one more thing to do first: clear airport security!

Here at EF, we’ve all collectively been on hundreds of flights, as well as spent many countless hours waiting in the airport security line. With that in mind, here are our top tips for clearing security quickly, and making things move faster for everyone. Trust us—the people in line behind you will appreciate it!

Before You Leave Home…

Tip #1: Deal With Your Liquids and Gels
4013349543_4ba398f978_qAs far as liquids and gels go, any size is fine as long as it stays in your checked luggage—for carry-on it’s a whole other story. Make sure you adhere to these requirements: use 100ml bottles in a clear plastic bag. You’ll be asked to take out this plastic bag and put it in the tray before clearing security. You’ll want to take care of this packing step before you leave home, as you don’t want to hold up the line while fumbling with lip balm. Be sure that your bag of liquids and gels is handy, so you can easily present it for inspection.

Clearing Airport Security…

Tip #2: Drink Up (and Bring A Reusable Water Bottle)

If you happen to have a full bottle of water (or some other drink) with you at the airport, be sure to drink it all before entering security, as you will not be allowed to bring it through. You can, however, take an empty bottle through airport security and fill it up at the nearest water fountain after you clear it. It’ll keep you hydrated and healthy on your travels and save the environment at the same time.

Tip #3: Take It Off While Waiting In Line

daryashoesThe first thing we like to do when we’re close to the front of the line is get prepared.

As you approach the security x-ray machine, you’ll see stacks of plastic bins. Grab one or two, and put your loose items inside.

Airport security guards will want you to remove any heavy, bulky, or extra items from your person.

There’s actually a lot of stuff you’ll need to remove, including:

-Heavy outerwear like jackets or thick hoodies and sweaters
-Jewellery or watches
-Anything in your pockets (like loose change or your phone)
-Liquids and gels from your carry-on bag

Pro Tip: Start removing some of your heavier items when you approach the front of the line, so that you don’t delay others behind you.

Next In Line…

Tip #4: Have Your Boarding Pass and Passport Ready

You’ve finally made it to the front of the line. Be sure to have your boarding pass and passport ready for the security officer, as they’ll want to scan it before they let your bags pass through the x-ray machine.

Congratulations, you’ve passed airport security—have a great flight!

Do you have other tips for breezing through airport security? Share them with us @eftourscanada on Twitter. 

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