Monday 23 Mar, 2015

Spanish Language Immersion 101

Whether you’re just beginning, fully fluent, or somewhere in between, knowing a foreign language can certainly enhance your travel experience abroad.

As our world becomes more interconnected, a second language can also give you a valuable social, cultural and professional boost. This is especially true for Spanish, now that a firm grasp of the language is considered valuable in North America and beyond.

A student who immerses themselves in the culture and language of Spanish-speaking countries will substantially enrich their linguistic skill set and benefit immeasurably. Here are a few facts about this important language!

Spanish Language Facts and Statistics

  • Today, over 320 million people speak Spanish worldwide.
  • Out of all the Romance languages, Spanish is the most widely spoken.
  • Spanish is the official language of all South American countries except Brazil and Guyana.

Spanish Language History

    • The modern-day Spanish language is derived from a dialect of Latin that evolved in the Iberian Peninsula after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
    • Spanish became a written language in Toledo, Spain between the 13th and 16th


  • When the Spaniards colonized the Americas, the Spanish language was still developing. As a result, two forms of the language began to emerge—European Spanish and Latin American Spanish.

Useful Spanish Language Immersion Phrases:


Phonetic Spelling


 Hola  Oh-la  Hello
 Gracias  Gra-see-as  Thank you
 Por favor  Poor fah-voor  Please
 ¿Habla inglés?  Ah-blah  in-glehs?  Do you speak English?
 ¿De dónde eres?  Deh done-deh eh-res  Where are you from?
 Adiós  Ah-dee-os  Goodbye
 No entiendo  No en-tien-dough  I don’t understand
 ¿Cuánto cuesta?  Cuan-toh cues-tah  How much is it?
 ¿Dónde está el baño?  Done-deh es-tah elle bah-nee-oh  Where is the bathroom
 Estoy buscando….  Es-toy booze-can-dough  I am looking for…
 Estoy perdida  Es-toy per-dee-dah  I am lost
 Yo soy de…  Yo soy deh  I am from…
 Me puede llevar a….  Meh poo-eh-deh jev-are ah  Can you take me to…
 Yo quiero…  Yo kieh-roh  I want…

Try out some Spanish slang!


Phonetic Spelling


 Mala Pata  Mah-lah pah-tah  Bad luck
 Esta como una cabra  Es-tah co-moh un-ah cah-bra  To be absolutely crazy
 Tener buen rollo  The-ner boo-en roj-oh  To have good vibes