Thursday 16 Apr, 2015

Live From Prague!

Surround yourself with the stunning beauty and culture of Prague, the Czech Republic’s largest city (and the country’s capital). Also known as the City of a Hundred Spires, Prague is a truly spectacular architectural hub that features a mix of Gothic and Baroque styles. Long considered one of Europe’s most culturally influential cities, its buildings speak volumes to its long and fascinating history. From the 600-year-old astronomical clock in Old Town Square to the John Lennon Wall, teachers and students travelling to Prague will experience a beacon of culture that will truly inspire.

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Explore the historical capital of Bohemia on one of EF’s educational tours of Prague.

Berlin, Prague, and the AlpsThumbnail_BPA
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Central European QuartetThumbnail_CEQ

Wind your way through the cobblestone streets and charming town squares of Central Europe, and discover folkloric traditions that still take place today.