Tuesday 5 May, 2015

Live from Shanghai!

Shanghai, the historic metropolitan seaport of China, is now one of the largest cities in the world (not to mention being home to one of the most booming economies). Teachers and students travelling to Shanghai with EF Educational Tours experience a unique cultural blend of East meets West. From Shanghai’s iconic architecture to one of the oldest Chinese jazz bands still performing, the city offers a Far East playground for new cultural adventures.        

                                                                                                                Click below and discover Shanghai!     

Shanghai infographic

Explore the “Paris of the East” on one of EF’s student tours of China.

China: Beijing, Xi’an and ShanghaiThumbnail_CHK
Learn about the everyday life of school children in China. Dive into the history of the Great Wall and the future of the famous promenade, the Shanghai Bund.


China: From Ancient to ModernThumbnail_BYG
Experience the contrast of modern and historical in the capital of Beijing. From the Forbidden City to the Great Wall,  see why it’s a worthy successor of China’s former capital, Xi’an.