Friday 11 Sep, 2015

8 Student Reactions a Teacher Gets When Talking About Their Summer Trip

This summer you went on your first tour. Or maybe it was your fifth. Either way, you’re excited to get back into the classroom. You have something new to teach – a different perspective, that is. You’ve seen a new country, experienced a new culture, and now it’s time to share that with a whole new group of students.

We certainly know that travelling can bring a new energy to the classroom. But until you experience it, it can be a hard thing to convey. So, in order to help you tackle some of the hurdles you may face in recruitment, we’ve gathered eight student reactions a teacher will get when talking about how awesome travelling can be.

When you mention to your students that you led an educational trip this summer.

When you explain that you danced the flamenco in Madrid, cooked paella in Barcelona, and adventured across the Gibraltar strait to ride camels in Morocco.

When you share with them that travelling offers new and unique perspectives that we don’t always see in our normal day-to-day lives.

When you tell them that travel opens up our eyes to new people, places and cultural experiences that connect us to the world we live in.

When you point out that travel brings the classroom to life and shows us that what we read and discuss in school really does exist.

When you explain that travel creates an experiential learning environment that goes beyond what we learn in the classroom, uncovering new skills and interests and shaping our future selves.

When you tell them that you’re leading another “educational trip” next year and if they’re ready to embrace a new learning experience and adventure, they too can dance the flamenco in Spain and ride camels in Morocco.

Months later when you tell them it’s time to board the plane and travel to Europe.