Monday 11 Apr, 2016

Welcome to 360°



360° video is an awesome new technology that allows viewers to get an immersive, full view in every direction. This technology is an incredible learning tool that gives educators and students alike the opportunity to explore the world before you get out and experience it for real.

We’ve created a 360° video so you can explore the grounds of Vimy Ridge before we kick off our 100th Anniversary Tour in 2017.

Have Google Cardboard? Check out our instructions on how to use your iPhone* (read instructions here, or watch a video here). Or, use your Android device to watch our 360° video with your viewer!
To learn more about Google Cardboard visit this link.

For more educational 360° content, check out these resources we love:

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The Source: An Ethiopian girl’s life is transformed when her community receives access to clean water for the first time.
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As immersive as 360° video is, it can’t take you there. Feel, touch and taste everything the world has to offer by planning a tour.

*please ensure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS