Monday 26 Sep, 2016

4 Tips For Picking the Perfect Tour

Kay is a Middle School Spanish World Cultures Teacher. She first traveled with EF to Costa Rica in 2009 and has been leading student groups every summer since. Kay believes that students should experience travel to help broaden their perspectives and allow them to see firsthand how tolerant, global and open-minded we should all strive to become.

It isn’t difficult to get excited over the prospect of traveling to a new destination, but sometimes trying to pick the “perfect tour” can feel slightly daunting. Good news is, it doesn’t need to be! Here are four things to consider when selecting the right tour itinerary for you and your students:

1. Chat with your Tour Consultant. An essential part of the process and your best resource for a personalized experience is your Tour Consultant. You know you want to go to Italy – awesome! But it’s ok if you don’t know exactly what you want to do each day – that’s what your Tour Consultant is there for. They are prepared to answer any and all of your questions and to suggest options you may not have previously thought about.

2. Ask your students. Well, not all of your students, but if you are really struggling to decide on a destination, nominate a few “travel ambassadors” to pick some potential options. They have hopes and dreams of traveling just like you do and will be able to provide insight on which places students are interested in traveling to.


3. Plan early. Planning early makes the process easier on you as the group leader and also easier for your students and their families. When you plan months in advance, your students are given the option to break their tour cost down into monthly and even bi-weekly payments, making the overall tour cost much easier to tackle. This will also give you more time to schedule your enrollment meeting and any subsequent meetings you would like to have leading up to departure.

Ready to start planning? Browse tours here.

4. Check the dates. I think the hardest part of picking any tour is deciding on the dates. It is natural to want to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but sometimes that is not always possible. I like to travel in the summer, but sometimes with camps and family vacations, finding a date that works for most is difficult. What has worked well for me in the past is to select a departure date that is only a few days after school gets out. This way students have the rest of the summer to do their other activities. Just be sure to double check your last day of school against the departure date window (the few days of flexibility on either side of your requested departure date that EF asks for) to make sure that you are leaving enough time for students to finish their final exams!

No matter where you end up going, don’t forget that you are offering your students a trip that they will likely remember forever. Whatever tour you choose, your group is bound to have a great time, so don’t worry too much!