Monday 27 Mar, 2017

4 Ways to Make Travel Easier

We’re excited to present to you some of the BIGGEST travel tips from our friends at KLM and Air France. These tricks are sure to ease your travels and cut down on stress!

Vesna and Steve are AIR FRANCE KLM deputy stations managers at Toronto Pearson Airport and Montreal Trudeau Airport respectively. Every day they meet with hundreds of passengers, some who travel the world frequently and many who travel for the first time. Vesna and Steve know how stressful getting ready to travel can be. Here are some of their personal tricks to make your experience more enjoyable.

  1. Packing your bag. Think light!
    1. Don’t over pack, leave room for souvenirs. Vesna adds: “For reasons I cannot explain, worn clothes seem to take more space than clean, unwrinkled clothes. So if you already struggle to close your suitcase now, remember you are allowed one bag not exceeding 23 kgs, including your new purchases and souvenirs”.
    2. “I’m sure anyone can relate to unpacking your bag after a trip only to find half of what you packed unused,” says Steve. “That’s extra weight you’ve dragged along with you ‘just in-case’. You’re much better off packing what you know you’ll need, usually just one change of clothing for each day.”
    3. Think layers. April is a tricky month, better have t-shirts and sweaters you can mix and match and a light all-weather waterproof jacket with collapsible hood you can wear over them if the weather is cool or rainy. Walking shoes that breathe in warm conditions, and lightweight zip-off khaki slacks adapt to all types of weather. If you’re worried about not being fashionable for an unforeseen event, France is famous for its shopping opportunities, but remember: don’t over pack!
    4. Also think small, especially when it comes to personal hygiene products. You don’t need a family-size toothpaste supply, or a 1-liter bottle of shampoo. Store your bottles in a plastic bag or waterproof toiletry bag, just in case they spill during travel.
    5. Bring a couple of empty plastic bags. They will come very handy to separate clean clothes from dirty clothes, or many other uses.
  2. Know what to bring in your hand luggage.
    1. Bring your medication. Any prescription medication should be in your hand luggage, if ever your suitcase is delayed, you would not want to be without your medication.
    2. No liquids more than 100 ml
      1. Take an empty bottle, you can fill it once through security to bring on board. You never drink too much water during the flight. The bottle will be handy during your trip as well
    3. Charge your smartphone and tablets.
      1. Not all aircraft are equipped with USB ports, if you intend to use your own devices make sure they are fully ready to work.
      2. If you have one, pack your handheld charger in your carry-on!
      3. Gate-to-gate in-flight entertainment is available on all Air France and KLM flights. They offer a large selection of in-flight movies and music. If you want to use your own headset, no problem, but during take-off and landing you can only use earbuds.
    4. Bring a pair of socks.
      1. You will be more comfortable if you remove your shoes. But the air in the cabin may be cool, so bring an extra pair of socks to use as slippers.
  3. Last check before leaving the house.
    1. Prepare your check list a few days ahead when you are not rushed and all excited about the adventure. Make sure you know where the essentials are
      1. Passport? Check
      2. Money? Check
      3. Credit card? Check
      4. Ticket? Check
    2. Travelling can be stressful, don’t add to the excitement by looking all over for your important documents. Put them in the same location, for instance a security wallet.
  4. Check in early!
    1. When you travel with a group, the Group Leader may prefer that all group members check in at the airport to make sure everybody is there and overlook seating arrangements. In that case, set a meeting time and place that will allow for enough time to go through the check-in process, security, and for you to relax before you board the flight. Vesna recommends no less than two hours prior to departure. Of course, when travelling on your own, airlines like Air France and KLM offer you the opportunity to check in online 30 hours before departure. You can even print your luggage tags at home. “This saves time at the gate and I personally find it very comforting to already have my boarding pass and baggage tags at hand when I leave for the airport,” suggests Vesna.

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