Tuesday 19 Sep, 2017

See The World Through STEM

Science Literacy Week is from September 18th – 24th and is a celebration of all things Science in Canada! If you’re a teacher involved in STEM and are looking for ways to engage your students outside the classroom read on about EF’s STEM portfolio where science, technology, engineering, and math come together to create eye-opening and experiential learning opportunities for you and your students!

Are you a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math educator trying to find exciting and innovative ways to engage your students? While we’re sure your classroom lessons are filled with valuable knowledge and thought-provoking questions to keep your super-smart students on their toes, sometimes they need just a little extra push to reach their full potential.

STEM Tours were designed for this reason. We wanted to take lessons students are learning in the classroom and bring them to life, using travel and industry professionals as the vehicle to do so.

Imagine observing your students grasp new concepts during workshops with leading scientists, mathematicians, or engineers! That lightbulb moment is special, and can be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing their future career path. As you know, students in STEM programs need to be consistently challenged in new and 21st century ways, with problems to solve and discoveries to be unearthed while out in the real world.

Below is a brief description of some of the hands-on experiences your students will have during specialized STEM tours, whether it be close to home in the bustling big apple that is New York City, or down in the volcanic archipelago of the Galapagos Islands – there’s so much to learn and benefit from on an EF STEM tour!


Step into the future in two of the worlds’ major hubs of innovation. In New York, your students will examine and analyze the architectural wonders of Times Square and the Empire State Building, build their own interactive version of The Brooklyn Bridge, learn how to code a sensor.

Upon arriving in Boston, students will visit the world renowned MIT campus and research laboratory, while participating in a workshop. The option to extend the tour by a day lets them produce a music track at Mmmmaven School of Music Technology and visit a biotechnology company. Covering all the bases in STEM, New York and Boston provides endless learning potential every step of the way.


The adventure begins in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Here, students will take an excursion to the equatorial line and gain insight into the biological make-up of Ecuador’s unique systems. From Quito we fly to Baltra and on to the fascinating tour of the Galápagos Islands themselves. A highlight here is hiking the Sierra Negra Volcano while being surrounded with what has been described as “other-worldly views” of the crater rim and surrounding lava fields. No trip to the Galápagos would be complete without a stop at the Charles Darwin Research Station where students will examine the extensive collection of preserved specimens of Galápagos plant life (Hint: perfect topic for a WeShare project!)

To finish off we head back to Quito for even more culturally immersive activities, with the option to take it even further and visit a local school, observe local farming, handicrafting, and cooking methods amongst locals. Realizing that the unique terrain, plant and animal species your students will be surrounded with is reason enough to choose a STEM tour to the Galápagos, but the look on their faces when they reach the top of the Sierra Negra Volcano…now that’s what travel is all about. Learning by doing, there’s nothing else like it.

Speak to your Tour Consultant to find the right STEM tour for you and your students! Take their education to the next level, we’d be thrilled to get you there.