A virtual tour of Anne Frank House

Presented by EF and the Anne Frank House, come along with us as we take a guided, virtual tour of the secret annex with a story known around the world.

April 6, 2024

Follow the museum’s expert staff: Julie and Morgan as they lead us on a guided virtual tour of the secret annex where the Frank family went into hiding in July 1942 and where Anne Frank penned her now-famous diary. Explore her story and gain a deeper connection to the lessons we continue to learn from Anne Frank today.

Watch the full experience with speaker view and transcript here.

The Anne Frank House is located in the city centre of Amsterdam.

More about Anne Frank’s story and the museum

You can continue your own exploration of the secret annex by using the same tool used in our virtual tour here. The Anne Frank House website is filled with videos, activities and more. Plus, if you’re still looking for more resources, get in touch with the Anne Frank House museum’s expert staff.

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April 30th 1959, the youth of Utrecht presented the city council with the first statue of Anne Frank in the World.

What if Anne Frank had a Camera instead of a Diary?

Explore this unique take on Anne Frank’s story in a series of YouTube videos that asks the question: What if Anne Frank had a Camera instead of a Diary?

Watch video diary

Want to experience Anne Frank House in-person?

A collection of the tours that has Anne Frank House included.

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