How Student Travel Shapes Future Leaders

The Life-Changing Benefits Of Real-World Learning

May 11, 2024

This made me want to learn more and grow more as a human being, and we’ll see where that takes me.”

Kimmy, Student, East Three Secondary School

Educational travel is so much more than sightseeing. It’s a transformative experience that can mold students into well-rounded and insightful leaders of the future.

Recently, one class from East Three Secondary School in Inuvik discovered the benefits of a student travel experience on an EF tour to Europe to deepen their understanding of the Holocaust. Beyond the sightseeing and cultural immersion, the trip offered opportunities to build a foundation of skills and perspectives that are crucial in becoming future leaders, while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Teacher and Group Leader Gene Jenks describes the impact this trip had on the students: “They began as activists. Now they’re leaders, and they’re going to take so much of what they brought from this trip and bring it to all areas of the world in every capacity… and that really, really excites me.”

Watch this inspiring journey below, explore our collection of impactful tours here, and read on to learn more about the benefits of student travel.

What are the benefits of student travel?

01 Cultural Competence

Student travel introduces young travellers to new and unfamiliar cultures with diverse customs and perspectives. This firsthand exposure not only helps students gain a deeper comprehension of cultural nuances but also help navigate and appreciate cultural differences – a crucial skill in our highly connected world.

02 Personal Growth and Confidence

As students step outside of their comfort zones, they’re pushed to find out more about themselves, and what they’re capable of. Through fundraising, navigating a new city, or speaking in a foreign language, young travellers will build confidence, resilience and self-reliance, which are valuable qualities in young professionals.

03 Global Awareness

Away from home, students are exposed to global issues and perspectives that provide them with a broader worldview. Whether that’s learning about history’s darkest moments through Holocaust memorial sites, or exploring futuristic technologies in Japan, these lessons prepare them to be informed and engaged global citizens who will be better equipped to address complex challenges.

04 Enhanced Communication

Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds hones important communication and interpersonal skills. From practicing foreign language skills to navigating airports and transit systems with classmates, effective communication is an essential skill in so many academic and professional settings.

05 Educational Enrichment

If a textbook is black and white, educational travel adds the colour that brings learning to life. Visiting historical sites and cultural landmarks deepen the classroom lessons and make more meaningful connections and connecting theory to reality.

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