Teaching Beyond Borders: A Teacher’s Adventure as a First-Time Group Leader

Witness the transformative impact of a new teacher leading his first educational tour

Educational insight that a classroom can’t replicate

We know not many new teachers have thought much about educational travel as something achievable so soon into their teaching career, but with the right kind of help, it’s well-worth the effort. In fact, it more often than not turns out to be a life-changing experience for both teachers and students. Classroom learning is important and necessary, but travelling the world provides an enriching, real-life experience that a traditional learning environment cannot match.

But don’t take our word for it. Just ask Cam—or Mr. C—a first-time Group Leader who ventured with his students on a Touch of The Tropics trip in Costa Rica with EF Tours.



Cam’s personal experience with EF Tours

Cam was inspired to take his students on a tour after experiencing the life-changing impact of an EF tour himself as a young student. “Just the freedom, the responsibility, everything that came with travelling as a young adult was absolutely incredible,” he recalls.

Cam believes that his students need the same opportunity to see the world and understand what it means to be a global citizen. “In the classroom, you can tell students about things all you want. You can tell them about events that happened, that people are out there, the different cultures, but you can never really show them unless you’re there living it, and that’s what travelling in the world does.”



I knew that in order for me to change my students’ lives, I had to get them out of the classroom and go see the world.” —Cam, first-time Group Leader with EF Tours


EF’s team supports you every step of the journey

Group trip planning requires extensive research and a keen eye for detail. EF’s dedicated tour experts have your back throughout your group trip planning process. From finding the perfect itinerary to being on the road with you, we are with you every step of the way. We invite you to Meet your team, here to navigate group booking complexities and help you guide your students in life-changing travel experiences.

“I would 100% recommend taking a tour to educators,” Cam says. “You can’t replicate this experience anywhere else. You need to get out of your city, your town, wherever you are.”

The benefits of taking your students on an EF tour don’t stop there. Cam found that the experience impacted him as a teacher and a person, helping him grow in unexpected ways. “I was always thinking this trip was for the students, and it is, but me personally, this opportunity has just made me a better human being. It made me a better teacher.”

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Taking the first steps

So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step in giving your students a life-changing experience with EF Tours. Browse our Top 6 Tours for First-Time Group Leaders today, and start planning an adventure your students will never forget!

Remember, as Mr. C says, “you can’t replicate this experience anywhere else.”

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