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5 Types of People You’ll Meet on Tour

Travelling on an EF tour is an adventure. It takes you to new places, expands your pallet with diverse foods, immerses you different customs from your own, and introduces you to new people (or new sides of old friends). Whether you’re on a short tour or a long one, you form bonds with the people you meet on tour – or you hope never to see them again.

Spending a week in a foreign place changes your perspective of the world around you, and for those fleeting moments, you become friends.

Some will be normal. Some will be eccentric. These people will add a unique perspective to your EF Educational tour. So, grab your passports, pack extra socks, dust off your journal, and set off on an adventure to make some new friends. How does that saying go? Oh right, “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

The best memories are the pictures. Set up a photo share cloud for everyone to exchange pictures.

1. The Selfie Connoisseur

This traveller loves to immerse themselves in the culture and understands the age-old question, “if you didn’t take a selfie, did it even happen?” Armed with their cellphone, and a retouching app (or two), no place they visit is truly experienced without first taking a selfie. Whether they are pouting or posing with friends, they make sure they have a few options to choose from when it comes time to post on their social feeds.

The seasoned traveller definitely has great packing tips and tricks.

2. The Seasoned Traveller

They seem to know their way around an airport – nothing phases this traveller, they’ve seen it all. You have a feeling they will grow up to be a nomad travelling from one exotic destination to the next, with nothing but a massive backpack and their camera. They aren’t bothered by airline delays or bus trips or some occasional European rainfall, everything is an adventure worth having to them. Seasoned travellers have the best stories and are always looking for their next experience.

In their heart planning is half the fun of their trip. It’s all worth the effort when the whole trip goes exactly according to plan.

3. The Overplanner

These travellers come prepared and have memorized the itinerary, they know what’s happening at what time and a few critical pieces of information on the landmark you’re all visiting. Rain or shine or overcast skies, they’ve come armed to take on all weather conditions in style. Their backpack is full of curated travel accessories to ensure they can handle any surprises. They can usually be seen at the front of the bus with head bent, on their phone, doing some background research on the next location.

Live like the locals is their motto. Heading away from typical tourist areas can often be the most magical way to explore.

4. The Enthusiast

“Cultural immersion” is the name of the game for this traveller. The usual tourist spots are not for them, much preferring the more local or off-the-beaten-path type fare. You can often find them talking to some locals, trying some food at a recommended local restaurant, or partaking in traditions of the place they’re visiting. Tourist shops are not for them, so don’t be shocked if they’re sporting some local threads after a few days.

Your Tour Director is your sidekick, they have the inside scoop on the destination you’re in!

Your Tour Director is your sidekick, they have the inside scoop on the destination you’re in!

5. The Local

This traveller is a horse of different colour, it’s your Tour Director, and they are definitely someone you should get to know. They come prepared to teach you all about the destinations you’re travelling to and often have the 4-1-1 on the best local shops and restaurants to try during free time. These friendly individuals are full of essential tips, tricks, and travel stories to ensure you have the best experience on your EF Educational tour.

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