40 Proven Ideas To Raise Money For A School Trip In 2024

Struggling To Fundraise For Your School Trip Or Adventure? Discover Proven Methods To Raise Money Easily.

When it comes to fundraising for student travel, there are so many options to explore, but the most effective plan is the one you can execute on. To reach your goals, pursue a route that compliments your abilities and the resources available to you, play to your strengths — and, most importantly, have fun! When your enthusiasm shines through, people will feel your passion and want to help you reach your goals.

Before we dive into our 40 proven ways to raise money for a school trip, get inspired by these fundraising success stories from our Group Leaders who help turn big dreams into reality.

France Duval

Magog, Quebec
France has been leading educational tours for years, having travelled abroad with over 1,000 students. To ensure the trips are accessible to everyone, she works with a local bakery in her community to raise funds. The students take orders for the bakery’s bread, cakes, pastries, doughnuts and coffee, and keep a percentage of the profits to put towards their trip.

The endeavour is truly a group effort because parents help find customers through their workplaces, and teachers sort the orders to make it easier for the parents to pick up. Now a long-established fundraiser, it’s become easier for the students to raise money because the logistics are already in place, and the community looks forward to placing their orders whenever the fundraisers launch. France sees it as a win-win-win: for the students, the bakery, and the community, who love both the products and helping students meet their goals.

To overcome financial obstacles, France advises that you set realistic expectations for what you can actually accomplish, then start small. “We say, ‘An elephant—you eat it one small bite at a time.’” She also recommends speaking to your EF Tour Consultant, who can help teachers, parents and students get on the right track.

When it comes to a running an effective fundraiser, France has this advice:

“You need to find the right thing that will bring money to the kids.” Before landing on the bakery idea, France had tried other fundraising attempts, like spaghetti dinners, but they didn’t perform as well as she’d hoped. Fortunately, finding a fundraiser that everyone could get on board with has be immensely successful, adding that, through their fundraising efforts, “Some kids, they pay for all their trips.”

Debra J.


The first time Debra went abroad was in the year 2000, with her daughter on a high school trip to Europe. She knew it was time because, “I thought, ‘Son of a gun, my daughter’s not going to get there before me!’” This kickstarted a passion for travel, so she started her travel club and has been leading tours ever since.

She and her team have tried many fundraising methods over the years, from delivering phone books (which didn’t work out) to her most successful ventures: selling Sobeys cards for the local IGA and doing meat orders. Meat? Yes, meat. Because of their small community, her travellers have a great base of eager customers who are more than willing to buy grocery gift cards and their bacon and burgers from young people who are raising money to travel. In fact, they can generate between $30,000–$40,000 worth of cards a month, making a 6% return on every card they sell.

Debra runs her trips so that every moment is an opportunity for learning:

“I say, ‘you’re not going to have this handed to you. You have to work for it.’” It teaches the students responsibility, holds them accountable, and, most importantly, gives them something to be proud of. “Everything, from fundraising right on through, is a learning experience for these kids. Sightseeing is just the icing on the cake.”

Proven Ideas to Raise Money for a School Trip in 2024

A: Fundraising Through Monetary Contributions

Crowdfunding: Leverage the power of online platforms to gather contributions from friends, family, and even strangers who believe in the value of educational experiences.

Letter Writing Campaign: Write compelling letters that detail the educational significance of the trip, then send them to potential sponsors, family members, and local businesses to seek their support.

Scholarships and Grants: Explore scholarship opportunities and grants provided by educational foundations or organizations dedicated to supporting student experiences.

Donations Instead of Gifts: On special occasions like birthdays or holidays, request trip donations instead of traditional gifts.

Local Organization Partnerships: Collaborate with local businesses, community centres, or organizations willing to sponsor or support the trip in exchange for recognition of their involvement.

Corporate Sponsorships: Approach local businesses or corporations for sponsorships, highlighting the positive impact the trip can have on education and community engagement.

B: Event-Based Fundraising

Host a Party: Organize a fun-filled event with an entrance fee or suggested donation, turning celebrations into fundraising opportunities.

Host a Trivia Night: Engage the community in a friendly trivia competition, charging an entry fee for teams or participants.

Charity Auction: Request donations of goods or services from local businesses and community members, then organize a charity auction to raise funds for the trip.

Walkathon: Seek sponsors for a walkathon, with each participant raising funds based on the distance covered.

Cultural Cuisine Night: Host a dinner that showcases diverse cuisines through a culinary journey and charge an entry fee for guests.

Talent Show: Showcase the talents of students and community members and charge an admission fee to enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Online Gaming Tournament: Tap into the popularity of online gaming by organizing a tournament and charging an entry fee.

Lottery Fundraiser: Host a 50–50 raffle or Chase the Ace draw, where both the lucky winners and the organizers receive part of the pool.

Host an Escape Room Party: Organize an escape room event where participants solve puzzles and challenges to “escape.” Charge an entry fee or seek pledges based on successful escapes.

Movie Night: Screen a travel-themed movie at your local cinema or school theatre and sell tickets and concessions to raise money.

C: Sale-Based Fundraising

Bake Sale: Sell delicious homemade treats at school events or local gatherings.

Sell Merchandise: Create custom-designed T-shirts, hats, or tote bags and sell them to students, parents, and the community.

Used Book Sale: Collect donated books and organize a sale to raise funds for the school trip.

Yard Sale: Host a yard sale in the school yard or gym and rent out spaces to vendors or request a percentage of the sales go towards your fund.

Sell Coffee: Partner with a local coffee shop to sell branded coffee or set up a coffee stand during events, like a school sports tournament.

Create Custom Calendars: Design custom calendars featuring student artwork or highlights from previous trips and sell them.

Sell Candy: Order cases of chocolate and sell to the community, putting the profit towards the travel fund.

Recipe Book: Gather favorite recipes from students, teachers, and parents, then compile them into a personalized recipe book, and sell copies.

Concession Stand: Run the concession stand for a local or school event and keep the profits from the sales.

FlipGive: Earn money through everyday shopping. With this free app, students can earn exclusive cashback offers on items they and their families already use, as well as on dining, hotel stays and activities. Learn more here.

D: Service-Based Fundraising

Sports Pledges: Seek pledges for athletic achievements or challenges undertaken by students.

Pet Services: Offer services such as pet-sitting or dog-walking in exchange for donations.

Run Errands: Provide errand-running services for community members in exchange for contributions.

Lawn Mowing: Organize a team of students to offer lawn mowing services for donations.

Luggage Tag Fundraiser: Create and sell personalized luggage tags, perfect for travel enthusiasts.

Recycling Drive: Collect recyclables and exchange them for donations to support the school trip.

Coat Check: Run the coat check for a local or school event and collect tips or a percentage of the proceeds.

E: Creative Fundraising

Artistic Commissions: Offer artistic talents like paintings, pottery, portraits, or jewelry in exchange for commissions.

Photo Sale: Sell prints of captivating photos taken during previous school trips.

Host an Ice Cream Social: Organize a delightful ice cream social, charging an entry fee for unlimited scoops or special toppings.

Collect Ink Cartridges: Launch a campaign to collect used ink cartridges, earning funds through recycling programs.

Fitness Classes: Arrange a fitness class marathon with participants seeking sponsorships for their workout sessions, or ask fitness instructors to volunteer to teach, and sell passes to their class.

Polar Plunge: In the winter, sell tickets or solicit donations through pledges for participants to jump into chilly water. Be sure to mobilize medical volunteers for safety.

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Which of these fundraising ideas inspired you?

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