6 spooky destinations for student travel

Get ready for the best ghoul trip er, school trip, ever!

Seeking some spine-chilling adventures this scary season?

Fear no travel planning brave soul, as we’ve compiled this creepy list of the world’s spookiest places. Located in destinations where EF leads tours, we can confidently tell you these spots are delightful and frightful any time of year.

So, grab your EF backpack, your favourite costume, and a healthy dose of courage. From the haunting apparitions in the Tower of London to the unsettling underground Roman Catacombs, get ready for an eerie and enlightening educational experience like no other.
1. Tower of London
2. Edinburgh Ghost Tour
3. Roman Catacombs
4. Laurier House
5. Salem
6. Peru Witches’ Market


Head to the Tower of London to visit its beheaded ghosts.

1. Tower of London

London, England

The Tower of London is not only a historic fortress and famous London attraction; it’s also one of England’s most haunted places (and that’s saying a lot in this ancient land). Ghosts of executed prisoners and royalty are rumoured to roam its halls, including the beheaded Queen Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey.  
Follow in the ghostly footsteps of the Tower of London’s spectral residents on a EF London tour. This iconic city is guaranteed to send tingles up your spine in amazement – or shivers in fear.


Scotland’s historic capital of Edinburgh is hauntingly beautiful.

2. Edinburgh Ghost Tour

Edinburgh, Scotland

Choose one of our most popular educational tours and head to Dublin, Edinburgh, and Belfast. Given each city’s historic and often bloodthirsty events, there are plenty of paranormal places to uncover. We recommend adding the Spectres of Scotland excursion to your Edinburgh itinerary. From bricked over passages to creepy caged crypts, on this ghost tour you’ll see why Ediburgh native Robert Louis Stephenson created monstrous Mr. Hyde when he penned Jekyll and Hyde.

Bring your spooks and your books to life on EF’s Scotland and Ireland tour. 


Some of Rome’s catacomb residents are dying to meet you.

3. Roman Catacombs

Rome, Italy

Descend into darkness deep beneath Rome. Buried beneath the city since the 2nd century are Rome’s famous catacombs. We suggest this macabre and mysterious excursion as an add-on to EF tours of Rome, unless you’re claustrophobic. Within these hallowed Christian burial grounds, you’ll walk amongst priceless relics and world-renowned art amid tombs and skeletal human remains. 

Discover our tours of Rome and other Western European icons. 


A former Prime Minister is believed to haunt Ottawa's Laurier House

4. Laurier House

Ottawa, Canada

Will you be the next to report a ghostly encounter at Laurier House in our Canadian capital? The former home of Prime Ministers is believed to host a resident ghost, William Lyon Mackenzie King, who was obsessed with the occult during his lifetime. Visitors have reported strange occurrences and ghostly encounters, making it a must-visit for those seeking a haunted experience when in Ottawa. 
Make Ottawa your next classroom for a few days or include it as a Canadian must-see with our Ottawa educational programs. 


The stakes are high at Salem's historic Witch Museum.

5. Salem

Massachusetts, USA

Salem, Massachusetts, is famous for the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, and the town embraces its history. Explore the Witch Trials Memorial, Witch House, and other significant sites associated with the supernatural and witchcraft. Continue this eye-opening and eerie experience at The Salem Witch Museum for a deep dive into American history. 
Learn more about Salem and its fascinating and frightening history on EF’s Historic Boston Tour . 


Lima's witches' market is not for the faint of heart.

6. Peru Witches' Market

Lima, Peru

Located in Lima Peru, this mystical and macabre spot is so secret that many Lima locals don’t know about it. While you’re travelling in Lima, you can impress your travel group and your expert Tour Director by mentioning this place when you’re near the Gamarra Market. Our educational tours don’t include the witches’ market, just outside the Gamarra train station and it’s probably just as wellits stalls sell wares like llama fetuses, amulets, and herbs used in ancient rituals.  
Explore our enchanting variety of Peru tours, from Machu Picchu to community service learning.

Any of these spooky destinations add a chilling touch of the supernatural to your travels.  
If it’s any consolation to the faint of heart, EF has a representative in all of these countries and your Tour Director may just regale you with some haunting local tales of their own.

Here’s where the fun begins. Select from the best travel destinations for students

Make your classroom learning come to life – even amid haunting tales of death. Contact a Tour Consultant today at 1-800-387-1460.

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