How to open up the conversation with your Principal about future travel

How to open up the conversation with your Principal about future travel

We recently wrote about how EF is keeping students safe and supported on our tours for 2022 and beyond. But there are so many other ways we’re assisting teachers with the tour planning process, too. If you want to book a tour but need advice on how to pitch the idea to your Principal or school district admin, we can help you start the conversation. We want it to be easy for you to choose a tour and get approvals from your school’s administration. Whether you’ve already booked a tour for 2022 or you’re thinking about it, here are some useful tips.

Connect with your Tour Consultant

Your Tour Consultant can help you select an itinerary, establish curriculum connections, and provide advice to help facilitate a smooth discussion with your Principal or school district (if necessary). They’ll also provide you with dates, safety protocols, policies that protect traveller’s investments, and anything else you need to help bring your trip to life.

Start a conversation with your Principal

So, how exactly do you get a school tour approved? There’s no harm in asking questions and opening up lines of communication. You might think, due to uncertainty, that your Principal doesn’t want to hear about upcoming travel plans. But teachers are having success in bringing up options to their Principals simply because Principals might not be aware of the appetite for travel in 2022 and beyond. We’ve provided a downloadable  email template for how to approach your Principal or school district (see below). Your Tour Consultant can also attend any calls you have with your Principal to answer questions.

Ensuring the safety of your group is our biggest priority. No matter the situation, we’ve seen it all and we have the resources to handle it.

If your Principal says yes

If your Principal is keen on approving the trip, great! The next steps vary by school district. Each district has a different approval process. It’s best to get in touch with your Tour Consultant, who’ll have a good understanding of your district’s specific needs.

If your Principal is a maybe

If your Principal isn’t sure about the trip yet, or has questions, it’s a good idea to regroup with your Tour Consultant, who can address any concerns. What kinds of questions is your Principal asking? Do they want more details about safety, flexibility, or learning outcomes? If they have questions, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road — it’s only the start of a conversation. Whether you’ve planned your tour or are looking to plan one, our Tour Consultants are here for you, so you and your students can have the best possible tour experience.

You’ve booked a tour with EF! What’s next?

If you’ve already booked with us, congratulations! Our Tour Consultants can help you navigate any other questions you might have. Hot tip: Now’s a great time to motivate students to start fundraising. The earlier they start, the better. Not only do students have more time to plan, but it promotes equity amongst students who may face barriers in paying for their trip.

Don’t forget to download your email template: How to approach your school Principal.

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Considering a tour?

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